The end is here.  I’d like to thank everyone who commented, or completed a survey for their help.  I am thinking seriously about resurrecting this idea many years down the line when I have more experience, skills, etc.  But for now, here’s the result of about 10 months work.

As a 7zip file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/95522906/Instant%20Replay%20v1.1.7z

As a WinZip file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/95522906/Instant%20Replay%20v1.1.zip

I hope you enjoy the game.

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Consoles Suck!

After hearing back from my Xbox 360 tester, I can honestly say that I hate the limited performance of consoles.  Oddly enough, of  its generation the 360 was perhaps the most powerful in terms of performance (okay, so the PS3 might have been more powerful but not by much).  Even the recently announced Xbox One barely has stats that match my two and a half year old laptop.

With that said, I can see why people tend to prefer consoles over PCs.  If you put a game in, it’s guaranteed to work because the system requirements are all the same, whereas for a PC they can be all over the place.  However PCs compensate by giving the developer far more processing power and RAM.

I suppose I’m just saying that next time you play a game on a console, spare a thought for the programmer(s) who had to shoehorn the game into that tiny space.

Next week will be my farewell.  I’m only releasing the game for PC (the multiplatform requirement was just part of my course), but it’ll be free so you’ll see a link to it.

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Post Mortem

The game wasn’t all that I had wanted it to be and I wish I had more time and resources to develop it further.  So what would I put in a second version?  I’m glad you asked!  I even have a list:

  • A Loading screen with control layout diagram or level diagram or something
  • A Storyline
  • More levels
  • Some way to show the controller to actuator logic in game
  • Better Collision Detection
  • Better Backgrounds
  • Dynamic Shadowing
  • In game tutorial
  • Physics Engine
  • Some way to tell the player that they can’t go back in time
  • A Going-Back-In-Time animation or particle system
  • Better level complete screen
  • Better paradox screen, like the screen exploding or shattering, etc
  • Showing a clock or watch to give the player situational awareness with regards to time
  • More scenery and miscellaneous objects
  • Level obstacles (e.g. stuff that stops you from time travelling temporarily)

Hey, maybe I’d also redesign the whole framework (I’d probably have to if I have a physics engine).  But I’m glad I’ve finished my course (well technically in 2 weeks but there’s a lot of paperwork that I have to do still, plus I’m going to try to put a promo video up on Youtube or something).  Well, more relieved it’s finished but sad that my game isn’t ‘more’.  Maybe in a few years time I’ll come back to it and make it what it should be.

Two more posts before I say goodbye for good.


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No Shadows

Awww.  Paraboloid shadow mapping is an easy concept to grasp, but not so easy to implement.  Too bad really.  I’ve implemented some other effects for version 1.1 like outlining and cel shading (that’s right, only one ‘l’ in cel), but I’m not sure if either of them work.  I’ve received mixed reviews from those I’ve shown it to so far so I might make them different releases or something.

In other news, Beta 2 closes this week so if you haven’t done the survey yet, please do now.

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If you haven’t already, please play the latest Beta (released last week) and then do the survey (ditto).  Please. I beg of you.

Now that I have time, I’m trying to implement Paraboloid Shadow Mapping (not Dual-Paraboloid Shadow Mapping – I only want one hemisphere).  If I can do it, then you’ll see dynamic shadowing in the release.  If not, then no change.

Again, Game then Survey.  PLEASE.

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Beta 2 Survey

Here’s the survey (*ahem* click me! click me!) and may I remind you that this is that last time you get to have a say about the development of the game.  These last few weeks will be dedicated to little other that fixing anything (hopefully everything) you find lacking in both the game and the manual.

Oh yeah, just stating the obvious here, but play the game and read the manual BEFORE doing the survey.  You’d be surprised…

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BETA 2 Time!

So here it is.  This is the final round of Beta testing and the next step will be to release the game.  The game now has a manual (as a PDF) compressed along with the game and hopefully it will give you a better understanding of my implementation of the time-travel idea.  There are two links to choose from, depending on your preferred compression program.

To download a 7Zip (.7z) file, click on this link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/95522906/Instant%20Replay%20-%20Beta%202%20Test.7z

To download a WinZip (.zip) file, click on this link instead: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/95522906/Instant%20Replay%20-%20Beta%202%20Test.zip

I haven’t made the surveys yet, but they are on their way.  This will be your last chance to suggest any improvements to make and to point out any bugs still present.

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Beta 2 This Week

Beta 2 will be released either Wednesday or Thursday.  This will basically be the game, that is unless there are bugs or you guys think there are other improvements that are desperately needed.  As usual a survey will follow.

While this game is also for the Xbox360 (part of the project requirements for a “game designed for multiple platforms”), I’m not releasing that version to the general public.  The PC version does now come with a Manual (of sorts).

I’m just going to add as much ‘graphical prettiness’ as I can now.

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Beta 1 Closed – Beta 2 on its way

Title says it all.  Survey results show that a tutorial is needed.  I was actually expecting that, and unfortunately I don’t have time to put in a proper in-game tutorial, but I will include a manual (of sorts) as a .pdf to be distributed with the game.  I should have that by Beta 2.

Speaking of which, the second (and final) Beta test will be in just under 2 weeks time.  As for where I am at the moment, besides creating the manual, I need to implement functionality for running the game on the Xbox360.  From there it’s just prettying everything up and squashing bugs.  At least that’s the plan.

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I’m tired, I’m stressed, I haven’t had even a single week off for almost a year but at least I now have music in the game.  Okay, so that’s little comfort, but it was desperately needed.  I have persistent settings, controllable time-travel and I’m working on sound effects at the moment, so as you can see I’m working my way through my ‘To Do List’.

I would like more respondents to the survey though, so if you’re up for it I’d really appreciate your opinions.  This round of Beta testing will be over by the end of the week.

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