Post Mortem

The game wasn’t all that I had wanted it to be and I wish I had more time and resources to develop it further.  So what would I put in a second version?  I’m glad you asked!  I even have a list:

  • A Loading screen with control layout diagram or level diagram or something
  • A Storyline
  • More levels
  • Some way to show the controller to actuator logic in game
  • Better Collision Detection
  • Better Backgrounds
  • Dynamic Shadowing
  • In game tutorial
  • Physics Engine
  • Some way to tell the player that they can’t go back in time
  • A Going-Back-In-Time animation or particle system
  • Better level complete screen
  • Better paradox screen, like the screen exploding or shattering, etc
  • Showing a clock or watch to give the player situational awareness with regards to time
  • More scenery and miscellaneous objects
  • Level obstacles (e.g. stuff that stops you from time travelling temporarily)

Hey, maybe I’d also redesign the whole framework (I’d probably have to if I have a physics engine).  But I’m glad I’ve finished my course (well technically in 2 weeks but there’s a lot of paperwork that I have to do still, plus I’m going to try to put a promo video up on Youtube or something).  Well, more relieved it’s finished but sad that my game isn’t ‘more’.  Maybe in a few years time I’ll come back to it and make it what it should be.

Two more posts before I say goodbye for good.


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