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BETA Time!

Finally, it’s here.  Or more specifically, here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/95522906/Instant%20Replay%20-%20Beta%20Test.7z A word of warning, I forgot to mention that the WSAD keys and mouse move you around, but they’re there in the options and you can remap the keys if you want.  … Continue reading

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Collision Detection – it’s a…well, you know

I can get to a certain level of precision with these bounding boxes (Axis Aligned Bounding Boxes for those who care) but when it comes to the robot, I need an Oriented Bounding Box. Only trouble is finding the equations … Continue reading

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The surveys are now closed, and I’ve used the information from them to update the game assets. Here’s how they look now: Note the improvements to the corridoor and the lift, both seen in the 4th image.

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