Consoles Suck!

After hearing back from my Xbox 360 tester, I can honestly say that I hate the limited performance of consoles.  Oddly enough, of  its generation the 360 was perhaps the most powerful in terms of performance (okay, so the PS3 might have been more powerful but not by much).  Even the recently announced Xbox One barely has stats that match my two and a half year old laptop.

With that said, I can see why people tend to prefer consoles over PCs.  If you put a game in, it’s guaranteed to work because the system requirements are all the same, whereas for a PC they can be all over the place.  However PCs compensate by giving the developer far more processing power and RAM.

I suppose I’m just saying that next time you play a game on a console, spare a thought for the programmer(s) who had to shoehorn the game into that tiny space.

Next week will be my farewell.  I’m only releasing the game for PC (the multiplatform requirement was just part of my course), but it’ll be free so you’ll see a link to it.

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