I came so close to finishing all the CDR stuff yesterday (give or take a few bugs), but as I write, I’ve only got one more thing to implement before I start putting in the particle systems.  Only thing is, it’s becoming a big problem.  You’d think driving up a ramp wouldn’t be such a big deal, but yeah it kinda is.

I thought I had this figured out, but I thought about it a bit more and realised that it wouldn’t work.  Just as I’m writing this, thoughts are going through my head on how I can implement it.  It keeps coming down to two options:

  •  I could make it an animation, which takes away a lot of control from you, the player, but it makes it easier and faster for me to program (and time is something I never have enough of)
  • I could implement some fancy CDR stuff which would slow me down (painfully so), but give players more freedom.

If I’m to have any hope of keeping to my schedule, I’m going to have to go with the first option.  That really sucks because I want as much control as possible to be with the player, but I also want to finish the project.

Hope you guys don’t mind but I think I’ll delay the first round of Beta testing a few days, so that means instead of late this week, you’ll get to test my game first thing next week.

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