More Collisions

Happy Easter, and yep, I’m still working on Collision Detection and Response (CDR for the cools cats out there.  Wait did I just say that?  Screw it, can’t be bothered deleting it.).  I’ve got the rotation part working when testing against the time travelling copies, I’ve implemented gravity or some facsimile of it, I’ve (finally) got the lifts actually lifting stuff and I’ve even got the robot pushing the boxes around.


There is still a lot more CDR to get done.  Actually it’s mostly the ‘R’ part because Collision Detection is quite easy, but making stuff respond in the way you want is … not.  I’m starting to wonder if I should have used a physics engine.

The reason I didn’t was partly to do with the overhead required to learn someone else’s tools (and I’m not talking about something analogous to a hammer and a chisel, I’m talking about something more similar to a whole hardware store).  It’s also partly to do with the fact that I’m breaking the laws of physics to make this game, so I figured adding a physics engine would probably give me more headaches than it would solve.

I’m hoping that this game will turn out to be more of a prototype or a spiritual predecessor of an even better game (fingers crossed) similar to Narbacular Drop being the spiritual predecessor of Portal (fingers and toes crossed).  However if I do further develop the game sometime in the future, I’ll definitely look at physics engines.  Oh well, 20/20 hindsight.

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