Well, I haven’t said anything about my plans have I?  Okay then, this post is about how I’ve set up the build.  I have 5 stages: Alpha1, Alpha2, Beta1, Beta2 and Final.  By the end of next week, Alpha1 will be completed and I’ll be starting Alpha2.

Alpha1 was comprised of thinking up an idea, planning it out, creating the graphical assets, finding audio assets, and initial tests.  It is by far the longest stage, lasting ten weeks.

Alpha2 is 5 and and a half weeks in length and the focus will be on programming in collision detection and response (CD/R), testing the time-travel mechanic and building the framework.

Beta1 will take another 5 and a half weeks and will be about fine-tuning the CD/R, implementing particle systems and implementing the time-travel mechanic, followed by public testing.

Beta2 will take 5 weeks during which time I will fix any problems found in Beta1 and implement Save/Load functionality before another public test.

The Final stage will take a week and a half and will involve fixing whatever bugs still remain.  Then hopefully I’ll pass and get my Diploma.

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