Movement and Machines

Okay so I’m a few hours late, but I bring with me the promised ‘moving things’.  First, let me introduce your exploratory robot:

From the left

From the left

From the front left

From the front left

What do you mean “not impressive”!?  Okay, okay so I can see where you’re coming from, but just wait until you see some of the stuff it can do.

It can press buttons

And pull levers

How about becoming a ramp

Or sprouting wings for gliding

Hmm, those computers look like they need a special uplink…oh, how convenient

And let’s not forget that it can travel back in time

NOT PICTURED – Well, I’ve got to keep you hanging out for something don’t I?

In case you couldn’t see those videos, here’s the link to my YouTube channel:  They should be the only images on there for now, but they have their own playlist anyway.

Next post – survey number 2.

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